Our students speak to the Journal about the school:

“School to Offer More Scholarships” from the Albuquerque Journal June 23, 2012

Here’s what our parents have to say:

“My son and I were up until 11pm some nights just trying to get him through his homework assignments! Both of us in tears at some points.  Pathways has been a blessing for our family.  It is a place where my child can feel comfortable with learning and his struggles in that aspect, without the kind of pressure that no child should ever have to go through.”

Parent of current Pathways Academy student

We adopted Alexis from state custody two years ago. She had a number of learning delays and auditory possessing issues as well as emotional disorders. While attending public schools she had daily outbursts and melt downs. She was always in trouble and her grades suffered. No one seemed to understand her or know how to deal with her learning differences.  After enrolling Alexis in Pathways Academy she almost immediately became a different child. Her communication skills, reading and writing improved immensely in a very short period of time. She also had a dramatic improvement in her social skills as she was no longer the “odd” one out but one of many students who support each other’s differences. Pathways Academy maintains a very positive environment and I can see that in my daughter. She is achieving academically what could not be done in a public school setting and is a genuinely happy child. She really looks forward to school now. Pathways has changed our lives.

Candy (Parent of current Pathways Academy student)

“Since our daughter has been attending Pathways Academy she is more confident, more outspoken and simply a happier child.
Pathways has helped us see the happy side of our child which was hidden somewhere inside her.”

Margaret & Isabel (Parents of current Pathways Academy student)

“I am thrilled with Pathways Academy. After public school, expensive private schools and even home school, I thought we were out of choices. Then we found Pathways. Since the very first day, my son has flourished under the expert educators, the dedicated principal and the outstanding and loving staff.  I can’t thank Pathways  enough!”

-Parent of current Pathways Academy student

I brought my son to Pathways Academy in hopes that they could help him get through high school.  Not only did he graduate high school, but he is now attending university on a full academic scholarship.  He is happy and successful beyond anything I ever dared hope for.

Parent of Pathways Academy graduate