Special Education Info/Curriculum

Pathways Academy is a private non profit school where every student has a customized educational Pathway.


The teachers at Pathways Academy are highly experienced educators with the goal of providing an environment conducive to learning while remaining fluid enough to allow for individual changes in routine for each student.  The teachers work together to maintain consistency between classrooms and subjects and will often plan multi-disciplinary lessons.  Pathways Academy is accredited by the NCA (North Central Association) and follows the New Mexico State Benchmarks for education.

Behavior Management:

Each student who attends Pathways Academy participates in a school-wide reward based behavior management program.  Each student carries an agenda-like clipboard used to document student progress throughout the day.  Each student works towards individual goals and those successful are rewarded through a weekly drawing as well as monthly school wide rewards.  Monthly rewards vary but may include a trip to the $1 movies, an ice cream sundae party, an afternoon of games at the park, or some other kind of fun field trip.

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