Application and Tuition Information

Pathways Academy is a private, non-profit school.

Application Process:  Step by Step Process (pdf)  /  2015-2016 Tuition & Fees (pdf)

1.  Take a tour!     Call Pathways Academy at 505-341-0555 or visit our contact us page to set up a tour of the school.

2.  Complete an Application to our school   Fill out a Main Application and return to Pathways Academy, along with a $20 non-refundable, application fee.  (Our fax # is 505-341-3808)  We will need this application to place you on the process your admissions, your financial aid, or wait-list.

3.  Complete an Application for a  scholarship     Find information on applying for scholarships.  If interested, please complete an application for scholarship funds ($30 fee).  If you need assistance, make an appointment with our school secretary to explain in better detail, or even walk you through this process.  You will need a copy of your previous income tax paperwork, as well as w-2’s.

5.  Student Visit    Once complete, schedule a visit for your student (usually students spend a morning with us to get a feel for our school)

6.  Become a part of the Pathways Family!   All students begin on a 2 month probationary period.  At the end of this time, the educational team as well as parents (and sometimes students) meet to discuss progress and continued enrollment.

Pathways Academy’s standard tuition is $12,500/yr.

We have need-based scholarship funds available to those who qualify.  Please contact us for more information!