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Pathways Academy is a private non-profit school for children grades K-12. We have a diverse range of talented students, who thrive in our warm and home-like environment. Many of our students have struggled in traditional and/or special education environments before coming to us.  We specialize in helping children with unique learning challenges reach their full potential in a caring and encouraging environment. We do our best to customize each child’s education, working with students who have learning difficulties in reading, spelling, writing, math, focusing (such as ADD/ADHD), Aspergers or are on the autism spectrum. Pathways Academy is very proud to be accredited by the North Central Association.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Pathways Academy is to provide a loving, nurturing learning environment for children with learning differences and emotional challenges that maximizes each child’s opportunities to succeed both academically and socially.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Pathways Academy does not discrimination on the basis of gender, gender identity, race, color, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnic origin or any other protected status in regards to employment practices, admissions policies, scholarship awards, loan programs and other school-administered programs.

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Pathways in the News

2/11/14 – CNN aired a news article about one of our students on the subject of childhood mental illness. We are proud to be place that works with families struggling with all kinds of learning and emotional issues.


2/13/14 – “Last year, Giovanni enrolled in Pathways Academy, a private school founded 11 years ago by a mother who, like the Cristinis, had trouble finding an appropriate public school program for her child.  ‘The Cristinis’ story is not unique,’ said Jan Secunda, principal at Pathways, which teaches kindergarten through 12th grade.  ‘Parents with kids with mental health issues really feel very isolated,’ Secunda said. Most of Pathways’ 27 students struggle with mental health problems, she said.   ‘When your child gets a catastrophic disease, the family rallies around you,’ Secunda said. But because mental illness is poorly understood, parents like the Cristinis are likely to get patronizing advice, such as to punish the child more, she said.  While children with mental illnesses can be shunned and bullied at mainstream schools, students at Pathways typically are tolerant of each other’s differences, Secunda said. ‘A lot of our kids here find friends for the first time,’ she said.  (Albuquerque Journal, p.A2)


New artwork

Artwork for the Pathways Academy billboards that appeared in 7 locations throughout Albuquerque.

Thanks to Ted Grumblatt at FBT Architects for consulting with us!

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